Brown Bikini

A brown bikini doesn’t have to mean basic and boring bikini.  There are plenty of ways this classic color can be spiced up for a sexy look at the beach.  If it’s a string bikini style, you already have that going for you.  This skimpier style has ties on the side that help create a flirty and feminine look.  Some styles stick to the tried and true brief style but add extra details like a metal o-ring on the side.  The top of a brown bikini can come in many different styles.  Choose from the classic triangle top style or opt for more support in a halter style.  If you want to try to avoid getting tan lines, go for a strapless bandeau top.  Any of this brown bikini top styles can have design details like metal chains, beading or embroidery sewn on, shimmery sequins, little gems, braided ties or whatever else a designer has dreamed up. The bikini doesn’t have to be solid brown either. It can be a print with a brown background or maybe even a two-toned suit. Again, brown doesn’t have to mean basic and boring, you just have to look.

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The same thing goes for brown accessories.  Brown sandals can have all kinds of stylish adornments like metal accents, beading, etc.  Beach bags are much like the bikinis themselves with all the different style options that they can come in, so certainly you can find something to match a brown bikini.  Maybe a large tote with wooden handles or a straw woven bag that’s been dyed brown.  If you like to wear jewelry, large wooden bangles would work perfectly with a brown bikini.  Tortoise shell sunglasses or a large woven sun hat would complement the suit as well.